New CBSR member Unimaize Technologies launches Barkode

CBSR is proud to partner with Indigenous and LGBTQ2+ company Unimaize Technologies as they launch BarKode to revolutionize the hospitality sector

Have you ever wondered how technology can play an active role in economic Reconciliation for Indigenous people and the societal recovery from COVID-19 in Canada? Introducing new CBSR member Unimaize Technologies Inc.

Unimaize is an Indigenous and LGBTQ2+ owned technology start-up based in Calgary, Alberta who has seen the devastating effects that COVID-19 has had on community and social connections between people and our environment and has committed its mission and vision to help repair this damage through its technology and team efforts.

Founded in March 2020, Unimaize was immediately hit with the profound effects of the pandemic and had to pivot and redesign how they would continue to build the company during the most challenging societal and economic environment of our time.

In January 2021, Unimaize officially launched its BarKode line of technologies, which combines its proprietary technology that will redesign how events and venues deliver, inventory, and manage hospitality goods such a liquor and food. The antiquated cash-for ticket-for beverage transaction that plagues large events will be a thing of the past as BarKode streamlines how we all interact during in-person events in the “new normal,” post-COVID.

One of the most impressive accomplishments to-date is how Unimaize found its way through the venture capital dilemma that is endemic of Indigenous businesses, resulting in the company being 100% owned by its leadership and team.

Unimaize partnered with Nesa Solutions Inc. as Canada’s only B2B reseller of its precision technology platform, which they are pitching as a contact tracing solution where businesses will be able to offer an enhanced safety environment as Canada moves back to in-person events. They knew to sell their proprietary technology, they had to address the crisis facing the hospitality industry head on.

The technological synergies between the Nesa contact tracing solution and the BarKode Hospitality Management Suite, has allowed the company to self fund its operations and proprietary tech development through this resale partnership.

Unimaize is not only changing the technology landscape but how we view sustainability in all its forms. Human, economic, and environmental sustainability are all key tenants embodied by this company. Unimaize’s team of ten is wholly comprised of Indigenous, LGBTQ2+, and female professionals who have been brought together by a single commonality – a resiliency borne out of systemic oppression in corporate Canada.

Unimaize’s Indigenous leadership team has committed itself to a safe environment of equality of voice where this empowerment hopes to redefine who Canada’s growing technology sector in Canada is for – now including an Indigenous and LGBTQ2+ start-up.

The company’s Metis President and Leading Executive Officer (LEO), Gregory John, told us that “Unimaize wants to define what the new normal is through its technology, where community and live events become more about building deeper connection with ourselves and our surroundings – aiding the societal and economic recovery from COVID-19.

CBSR is proud to partner with Unimaize and celebrate the launch of its BarKode suite of products. We look forward to supporting their sustainability and inclusivity efforts as they trail blaze and create paradigm shifting opportunity for all Canadians through technology.

To learn more about Unimaize and Barkode, visit the new Barkode website or reach out to their LEO, Gregory John directly at