We are home to Canada’s sustainability and climate leaders

About Us

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR) is Canada’s only membership association for companies co-creating a sustainable, equitable future. Established in 1995, CBSR is a pioneer in championing the idea that businesses do better – by every measure – when they operate in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

For over two decades, CBSR has helped Canadian businesses understand those principles and embed them into their strategies and practices. In 1996, we offered North America’s first-ever corporate social responsibility (CSR) guidelines. Since then, we have grown our research, influence, and thought-leadership capabilities. CBSR’s membership community has also grown and now encompasses all economic sectors and regions in Canada.

Our tools, resources, peer-to-peer networking opportunities, workshops and events help our members build capacity in corporate sustainability. We are proud of the fact that our community is at the forefront of defining best practices and generating innovative solutions on the road to net zero and a socially just transition.

CBSR has an independent board and is both a registered not for profit and charitable organization in Canada

Our Vision

CBSR is part of Profoundry, a collective of like-minded sustainability and climate experts who help organizations create value and have a positive impact on society. Our group includes Delphi, GLOBE Series, and Leading Change, and together we are focused on achieving our vision: a more sustainable, prosperous, socially just future in a generation.

Our Mission

CBSR’s mission is to connect and empower Canadian businesses to advance and amplify social and environmental leadership and ambition. We co-create a sustainable and equitable future and enable leaders to go further, faster, together.

Our Values


Nurturing strong relationships to achieve shared goals and produce results with sustainable value


Consistently demonstrating accountability, transparency, and credibility


Taking responsibility for our actions, decisions, and footprint with people and the planet in mind


Being honest and always acting in accordance with our principles


Proactively seeking out diverse perspectives and welcoming all lived experiences


Aligning our ambition with the scale of the challenge in order to achieve maximum impact