CBSR’s Climate Change Guide for Business was originally published in 2007, and provided corporate Canada with balanced and practical information allowing sustainability practitioners to successfully demonstrate how climate change is a core business issue. CBSR contends that climate change is a risk that all Canadian corporations need to address – regardless of size. Good governance now requires thoughtful consideration of the risk and opportunities arising from climate change.

With the signing of the Paris Agreement, capital and resources are beginning to flow towards sustainably managed assets. Green bonds are growing at exponential rates, and are projected to exceed $100 billion in 2016. Concurrently, the investment community has increasingly integrated non-financial metrics into their analysis of a company’s valuation. Good governance structures – and to some degree corporate social responsibility programs – are now viewed as a requirement.

Given the recent political shifts in Canada, and an increased focus on climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, CBSR has decided to update this document for a broader audience. Featuring a new business risk and opportunity section, as well as a feature on industry best practices, the Climate Change Guide for Business 2.0 is intended to inform the ongoing conversation around climate change and the role of Canadian business in rising to this challenge.

The Climate Change Guide for Business 2.0 has arrived! CBSR is proud to have the support of TD, Catalyst Paper, Hemlock Printers and the Works Design. Check out the Guide here.

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