Grazing Forward Launched by Cargill, A&W and New Acre Project

Feeding the world while addressing climate change and biodiversity loss is the defining challenge of our time; and success will require the participation of farmers and ranchers everywhere with the support of forward-looking companies that are committed to climate action.

Seizing this challenge, ALUS is pleased that A&W Canada and Cargill are demonstrating bold leadership by creating Grazing Forward, a new initiative of New Acre™ Project that will expand regenerative practices to address climate change within the beef supply chain in 20 communities across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba over the next three years.

As an initial step, Grazing Forward will enhance more than 6,000 acres and will sequester up to 12,578 MT greenhouse gas emissions per year. Together, we will support community-based actions, empowering ranchers to use their knowledge, energy and skills to enhance grazed land management practices that improve water quality, wildlife habitat and climate resilience.

The partnership will also draw on the knowledge of ranchers like Sean McGrath, who operates Round Rock Ranching in Vermilion County, with pastures on both sides of the Saskatchewan/Alberta border. Sean enrolled in ALUS in 2010 and has held leadership roles in the program ever since, because he is motivated to provide guidance to other ranchers who are exploring new options with their land.

As a rancher, who has been a participant in the ALUS program for 16 years, I can attest to the pride one feels when he or she is called upon to apply creativity, passion and skills learned through generations of experience working the land to address the great societal challenges that face us today.

Grazing Forward will create shared value for A&W, Cargill, for participating ranchers and for all Canadians, building healthier and more resilient landscapes while addressing the climate challenge, globally.

These benefits will ultimately be shared with the generations that follow.

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