The Natural Step Canada is a dynamic non-profit organization with over a decade of experience helping organizations and individuals understand and make meaningful progress toward sustainability. Their vision is a sustainable society – one in which individuals, communities, businesses and institutions thrive within nature’s limits.

CBSR has previously collaborated with The Natural Step Canada towards the production of sustainability conferences such as Green Economy Ontario. CBSR is also pleased to promote progress relating to The Natural Step Canada’s Sustainability Transition Labs to our extended network of corporate responsibility and sustainability professionals.

There are currently five active Sustainability Transition Lab projects, each based on The Natural Step Canada’s “Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development.”

  • Energy Futures Lab: The goal of this lab is to shift the public narrative around energy from arguments that pit “us vs. them,” “jobs vs. environmental protection,” and “community health and well-being vs. resource development,” to new conversations focused on outcomes and a strategic transition from today’s energy system to one that is fit for the future.
  • Natural Capital Lab: This lab is intended to be a platform for innovating and experimenting with new frameworks and approaches to valuing Canada’s natural capital. It is a collaborative effort that will build on existing domestic and international thinking. Phase 1 will explore the issue and validate assumptions, alternatives and appetite among key stakeholders to participate in the Lab. Phase 2 focuses on prototyping pan-Canadian approaches to valuing natural capital that protect and enhance the environment while driving innovation for the future.
  • Circular Economy Lab: This lab brings together private and public sector leaders and innovators from across Ontario to generate, test and implement circular economy solutions. Over the next four years the Circular Economy Lab will provide a platform for ongoing experimentation, innovation and collaboration leading to tangible breakthroughs that accelerate Ontario’s transition to a circular economy.
  • GTA Housing Action Lab: This lab, co-convened by Evergreen CityWorks and The Natural Step Canada, brings together key players across the housing system in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in an effort to engage the public to develop a new, shared narrative and identify priority action projects to make housing more affordable and sustainable.
  • Sustainability Literacy Lab: This lab aims to engage a network of Canadian stakeholders, including diverse voices in education, sustainability, engagement practices, decision-making, behaviour change and other relevant topics to deeply consider, collectively design and incubate a set of collaborative projects to forever change the way decisions are made in Canada.