Great Lakes Brewery (GLB) is a fiercely independent owned and operated brewery. Celebrating 30 years in the craft beer business GLB is one of the oldest craft breweries in Ontario. GLB specializes in producing flavourful beers that are sure to awaken your taste buds with each sip. From unique seasonal ales and premium lagers to Project X and Tank Ten Series beers, they produce a variety of products to be enjoyed by everyone!

CBSR is pleased to collaborate with GLB towards the delivery of the Pints With Purpose events in Toronto. GLB product donations are critical to the successful promotion of these events. GLB has also created a number of custom cask-aged products designed for Pints With Purpose attendees – these creations are only available at Pints With Purpose.

About Great Lakes Brewery

GLB has installed new fermenting tanks to keep up with the growing demand for their beer. Surprising as it may sound, it is typically much cheaper to have equipment constructed overseas and shipped half-way around the world than to have it constructed domestically. GLB is a long-standing Etobicoke business, and it was important to owner and president, Peter Bulut to support their local community, so he procured the new fermentation system from another established Etobicoke manufacturer.

GLB has also made strides in reducing their water waste. Most brewers dump a portion of each batch during the process of dry-hopping. Although safe for consumption, brewers opt to discard this excess liquid as the dry-hopping process clogs the sock filter used to separate excess ingredients from the liquid. The appearance of that liquid, should it go through the fine filter, would not look appetizing to the drinker.

GLB’s brewing team developed a unique process to expertly extract the remaining liquid in the bottom of the tank and transfer it to a smaller tank with other dry-hopped beer. The resulting product is lovingly called Swamp Juice. Under the watchful eye and steady hand of their brew team, three to four batches of dry-hopped beers (usually India Pale Ales) are combined to create a constantly evolving, hop-forward, and intriguing blended IPA. This saves roughly 600-800 liters of beer and, perhaps equally as important, it’s super delicious.

Great Lakes Brewery offers a number of innovative and delicious products which include: