The Conference Board of Canada is the foremost independent, not-for-profit research organization in Canada. Dedicated to building a better future for Canadians, The Conference Board of Canada specializes in economic trends, organizational performance and public policy issues. Through their conferences, executive networks, and webinars, they provided opportunities
for meaningful exchanges, new perspectives, and inspiring ideas on important issues affecting Canadians and businesses.

CBSR is a proud partner of The Conference Board of Canada’s Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Institute towards the delivery of Transformational Company Guide themed webinars and programming. The partnership is intended to promote CBSR’s thought leadership resource to a wider Canadian audience.

The Conference Board of Canada and CBSR have recently partnered towards the production of Business [Un]Usual – a radical departure from the traditional conference, with a focus on business purpose.

Companies exist for a purpose. Having a well-defined purpose is increasingly being recognized as essential for business success. Thriving in today’s business world means having clarity of purpose, beyond profit. Businesses with this clarity know that profit is an outcome of the value they create –  that’s why they focus beyond the bottom line.

What makes Business [Un]Usual different?

  • We’re doing away with passive, expert speaker presentations and replacing them with outcome-based, interactive sessions that focus on emerging mega-trends and technologies.
  • Each session will be an opportunity to converse with recognized industry experts and experienced private and public sector leaders who have driven change in their organizations.
  • Experience the power of facilitated dialogue firsthand. You’ll be encouraged to share your unique experiences – and learn about innovative strategies employed by others.
  • Networking will no longer be confined to scheduled conference breaks. Every session will provide an authentic opportunity to network and build new relationships.

We hope you will join us on October 2-3, 2017 at the Beanfield Centre in Toronto, ON. Attendance will be limited, please email Sally Crane, Senior Research Associate – Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability to reserve your spot today.