The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) is a group of visionary social entrepreneurs dedicated to achieving social change through co-working space and access to entrepreneurial resources. A group of people comes together to share workspace, and builds a community through careful and deliberate animation. Community animation is the glue that holds a shared workspace together and the air that breathes vitality into the lives of everyone who moves through it.

CBSR has partnered with CSI on a number of initiatives including Professional Network Group Calls and Pints With Purpose. CSI has graciously donated the event space at 192 Spadina – Atrium to facilitate Pints With Purpose networking events. In exchange, CBSR provides complimentary access to the event series for CSI community members. CBSR believes that a thriving social entrepreneur community is a vital component for achieving sustainability, and the partnership with CSI helps to achieve it.

A list of current CSI community members can be found below: