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Keurig Canada offers a wide range of premium coffees in a variety of formats. Consumers can enjoy Keurig Canada products whether they are at home, at work, in a café-bistro and in other selling points. Keurig Canada markets flagship brands such as Van Houtte®, Timothy’s World Coffee®, as well as Green Mountain Coffee®, Tully’s® and Café Escapes® to highlight a few.

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CBSR Member Since: 2012

Approach to CSR

At Keurig Canada, we are passionate about our business and look for ways to be more sustainable in everything that we do. Making a positive social impact is integral to who we are and what we do. Our commitment to sustainability, which is one of our core business strategies, is unwavering.

Our values are the key to our success and to our purpose: Creating the ultimate beverage experience in every life we touch, from source to cup — transforming the way the world understands business. We aim to achieve this transformation in every interaction we have and specifically in the following three areas:

  • Resilient Supply Chain — Invest in the people and places that are critical to our sourcing, both from agriculture and from manufacturing.
  • Sustainable Products — Reduce the environmental impact of our products.
  • Thriving People and Communities — Enable our employees and communities to thrive in a changing world.


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We share sustainability news, videos and articles on the Facebook page of our Canadian brands.

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