Great Lakes Brewery


Great Lakes Brewery (GLB) will be installing new fermenting tanks to keep up with the growing demand for our beer. Surprising as it may sound, it is typically much cheaper to have equipment constructed overseas and shipped half-way around the world than to have it constructed domestically. Being a long-standing Etobicoke business, it was important to owner and president, Peter Bulut, that we support our own community – this is why we are proud knowing these new additions to our production capacity are coming from just around the corner, from another established Etobicoke manufacturer.

In addition to the physical changes we have been implementing here at the brewery, we will continue to support our local community at a grassroots level. GLB currently sponsors more community building programs, non-profit charity events, and local artists and cultural organizations than it ever has. While our path towards sustainability is still a long road ahead, the most important thing is that it has begun. It is never too late to improve the social and and environmental position of your business.

At GLB, we have made strives in reducing our water waste. Most brewers dump a portion of each batch during the process of dry-hopping. While this remaining liquid is perfectly fine for consumption, brewers opt to play on the side of caution when transferring the liquid to bottles, cans, and keg as the amount of hops used during dry-hopping typically clogs the sock filter used to separate excess ingredients from the liquid. The appearance of that liquid, should it go through the fine filter, would not look appetizing to the drinker. Our brewing team developed a unique process to expertly extract the remaining liquid in the bottom of the tank and transfer it to a smaller aging tank to be joined by other dry-hopped beer. Enter Swamp Juice. Under the watchful eye and steady hand of our brew team, three to four batches of our dry-hopped beers (usually India Pale Ales) will be combined to create a constantly evolving, hop-forward, and intriguing blended IPA called Swamp Juice. This prevents roughly 600-800 liters of beer poured down the drain each week, and perhaps equally as important, it’s super delicious. To our knowledge, Great Lakes Brewery was the first brewery in Ontario to adopt this unique process. Currently you can find growlers of our Swamp Juice in our retail store located at the brewery, or at the LCBO’s Summerhill location.

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