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For twenty-five years, GlobeScan has helped clients measure and build value-generating relationships with their stakeholders, and to work collaboratively in delivering a sustainable and equitable future.

Uniquely placed at the nexus of reputation, brand and sustainability, we partner with our clients to build trust, drive engagement and inspire innovation within, around and beyond their organizations.

Approach to CSR

Having helped shape the sustainable development agenda since the release of the Brundtland Report on Our Common Future in 1987, we help organizations identify, build, and demonstrate their commitment to securing a sustainable future for all.

Sustainability, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, citizenship, philanthropy, shared value. There are many terms for describing business’ role in society.

Whether it’s the beginning of the journey, or an update to ongoing strategy, GlobeScan is uniquely placed to support our clients’ commitment to doing well by doing good

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Project: The Regeneration Roadmap

The Regeneration Roadmap, a collaborative and multi-faceted initiative by GlobeScan andSustainAbility, is designed to engage the private sector in advancing sustainable development by improving sustainability strategy, increasing credibility and delivering results at greater speed and scale.

Nearly 25 years after the Brundtland Commission released Our Common Future, and 20 years after the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, The Regeneration Roadmap assesses progress made on the sustainable development agenda and offers a new path forward.

March 7, 2013
How Can Businesses Nudge ‘Stuck’ Consumers to be Greener? 

January 30, 2013
Aspirational Consumers Unite Style, Sustainability to Shape Market Trends


  • Case studies (Unilever, SABMiller, ADB, Rio Tinto, National Geographic, BSR, PepsiCo, IDRC, BBC World Service, Amnesty, ICRC, Vodacom)

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