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Atlantic Lottery’s mission is to provide sustainable financial success, allowing our shareholders to give back to our Atlantic Canadian communities. Through partnerships, we offer memorable gaming experiences to customers in a socially responsible manner, while enabling career development opportunities for our people.


At the heart of everything Atlantic Lottery does is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). That commitment is at the foundation of all corporate activities and guides how we manage our responsibilities to the four Atlantic Provinces, players and communities. Corporate Social Responsibility at Atlantic Lottery includes commitment to the environment, communities, volunteerism and of course responsible gambling, which has been validated at the highest level of excellence (Level 4) by the World Lottery Association’s responsible gaming (RG) framework in July 2010. Each program area of CSR at Atlantic Lottery is designed and executed with Atlantic Canadians in mind.

Delivering education and awareness programs around informed player choice is core to Atlantic Lottery’s responsible gambling strategy. Examples of our commitment to responsible gambling include: the sponsorship of youth gambling education programs within high school and post-secondary education environments; awareness campaigns around the risks associated with gambling; employee and retailer training. All of these responsible gambling programs assist Atlantic Lottery in creating informed players and creating a workforce where CSR and specifically RG are a core value and competency.

Our CSR framework includes a targeted focus on the following key areas:

  •     Employees
  •     Retailers
  •     Players and Products
  •     Communities
  •     Supply Chain
  •     Environment

CBSR Member Since: 2011

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