Posted by: Agnieszka Rum on March 3, 2014

In response to increasing questions from CBSR’s members and partnering organizations on the meaning of natural capital for business, last month CBSR hosted a webinar to provide an introduction to Natural Capital Risks & Opportunities for Business.


Posted by: CBSR on October 9, 2013

Resource Productivity - Achieve a major improvement in the use of resources and materials and become a zero carbon company with respect to energy use.


Sony, a multi-national Japanese electronics company, has adopted the Road to Zero, a global environmental plan setting the company’s course to achieve a zero environmental footprint throughout the life cycle of its products and business activities by 2050.  


Posted by: CBSR on October 8, 2013

Sustainability Governance and Culture – Embed sustainability into governance, business processes, operations, investments, culture and competencies; incentivize sustainable decisions and enable sustainable innovation.

Posted by: CBSR on October 2, 2013

Restorative – Generate net positive benefits for society, the environment, the company and shareholders, advancing local and global reliance.


Posted by: CBSR on October 1, 2013

Sustainable Customer Offerings – Integrate sustainability into the full life-cycle if product and service design, use and disposal, and advance sustainability through continuous improvement of core products and services


Posted by: CBSR on September 26, 2013

Sustainable Purpose  – Aim to align overall corporate purpose with sustainability principles where sustainability drives values, where what the company does is of benefit to society, and where profits enable fair and equitable compensation for natural and societal resources.


Posted by: CBSR on September 3, 2013

In March 2013, Puma launched the InCycle collection which offers apparel, footwear and accessories that are 100% C2C (Cradle to Cradle) certified.  All items in the InCycle collection are closed-loop and are either part of the 'Biological Cycle’, which mean

Posted by: CBSR on August 29, 2013

Launched in 2010, Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan specifies three long-term commitments Unilever plans to achieve by 2020: